Sunday, December 11, 2011

Resist Big Foot Amazon: Download a mystery for free on Smashwords

Did you know that two days ago Amazon asked publishers and authors of e-books to sign an exclusivity contract (ruling out not just sales on Apples' iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Diesel, Kobo and Android outlets other than Amazon) but even sales on our personal websites? Under this program, they'll offer your books for five days for free out of 90 and give you a few pennies for every time your book is borrowed.
Clever marketing, but they own you. It's called Kindle Select. I'm thinking it's evil and monopolistic and risks an anti-trust action.

A lot of authors are arguing about what to do as we're grateful for what Amazon does do well.

My response is to arrange this new coupon which allows readers of this blog to download The Wardens of Punyu for free from Amazon's competitor here: The Wardens of Punyu on Smashwords.

The coupon will expire Xmas day.

Yes, the whole book. FREE 'til Christmas.



  1. And what was the response? Are there any choice now or I should say FREE will to buy book where I want, not only at Amazon?
    that is why I don't like Apple store and don't use it!

  2. Now authors must make a decision for or against Kindle Select status, book by book. On the KDP forum, there are arguments for doing it, (maybe for a slow-moving book) or not doing it (to ensure the market stays open, not only to US channels for e-books competing with Amazon, but new companies overseas just starting up and facing the American giant in markets like France, Italy, Germany and Spain where the e-book market is younger.)
    The worry is that sooner or later, Amazon will twist every author/publisher's arm and say, "You market via us or take a walk. They did this already with POD books when they set up their own POD arm, CreateSpace."

  3. Interesting how Amazon works, just like a mega company to operate.
    Thanks for offering the first volume free, I'm intrigued! Just a question though, is there a coupon code we should use?
    Thanks again!

  4. Steph, you're a livesaver! Yes, I added the coupon code above. XX