Friday, February 21, 2014

Great British Sewing Bee Season 2 Episode 1

For those of us outside the UK and unable to avail ourselves of the BBC IPlayer, it was a couple of days' wait, but I finally found a link that is offering up Episode 1 of Season 2 without a barrage of registration faff.

Great British Sewing Bee Season 2, Episode 1

This competition is broader with ten contestants and a little smoother and more professional in presentation and tone. Claudia is a little less coy, and I liked the challenges. The silk lingerie competition was a tad uncomfortable—all those judges sticking their fingers down models' bare bosoms to see how the cups clung—but truly, Julie's gown was a beaut. No spoiler alerts, but it's a good 'watch' while stitching.


  1. Thank you for posting the link. I looked for the program on my own and couldn't find it. Fun episode!

    Lorrie from the west coast of Canada.

  2. I second the thanks! I'd been looking on Youtube with no luck.... delightful!

  3. Thanks Lorrie and Lisa Laree. I scoured YouTube multiple times a day and finally stumbled on this link. While I'm no fan of pirating, (publishers just had to send a legal alert to e-book pirates bit-torrenting my own novels!) I think this is okay. I saw that the BBC allowed Season 1 up on YouTube without a license complaint.

  4. thanks so much for this link. Keep them coming if you can!
    cheers, Kimbersew

  5. Let me know if you find the second episode. It hasn't shown up yet on that same site. And I'm dying to watch it!

  6. episode 2 appears to be here