Monday, June 2, 2014

Finishing Projects...the Audrey Hepburn Skirt 05-2012-106B

It seems that when I took a break from drafting Book 4 in the series of espionage novels I'm writing under a pen name, (click on the yellow E&E logo to link over to those) and before I tackled planning Book 5, my "month" off involved too many projects which are only now all coming to fruition around the same time.

One month ended up as two in order to make progress:

1. Two 'Japanese' patchwork duvet covers from old shirts, kimonos, pyjamas are done, see blog post below.

2. The Burda safari vest-blouse from the recycled chinos, photo in a previous below, below.

3. The baby sweater only waiting for the right buttons, (now 70% chance of a girl!) see blog post below.

4. A new white linen pencil skirt to resuscitate my civil-wedding Dior skirt suit, after downsizing the late-80's shoulder pads in the jacket, ready to cut out. Photos to come.

5. A two-year-old project, the Audrey Hepburn-Roman Holiday skirt from Burda, 05-2012-106B. Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday Skirt Original Post  I didn't like it at first because it seemed that the heavy linen skirt combined with the IKEA 'Ditta" cotton lining was too much weight, but I finally wore it through a couple of rainy summer days and realized that it is perfect when you want to look summery but actually need to be protected from near-winter Swiss May temperatures. There is a lot of fabric in that baby and if I made it again, I'd definitely choose lighter weight materials, but it's not quite the wadder I feared. I wore it with a black belt, but for purposes of illustration here, left the belt off. I kept all the buttons inside the placket instead of leaving three up top on the outside. I only realized this booboo when I saw another nice version on Pattern Review. But since I'm wearing a belt over it, maybe it's best that the buttons are concealed.

It's been refreshing to get away from the computer, but actually, I feel like leaving the crafts to one side for a while, unless something really grabs me. Still looking for the right affordable fabric for that dream jumpsuit.