Saturday, 2 March 2013

BOOK COUPONS!! I know, I know! Sewing's fun but my dayjob comes first, so here's some compensation for the wait

I know, I KNOW,  I've put sewing on the backburner until I finish the second of three manucripts in a trilogy promised for late summer publication. Only four more chapters to go on the current one, and then I take a Big Sewing Break!

As it is, I merit a dunce cap in the Sewing Hall of Detention, because I crawled out of my hole recently to attend a lovely meeting of the Geneva Writer's Group in a black skirt, turtleneck and red leather jacket—none of it home-sewn.

oh, the shame....

And Burda's preview for April is already OUT? What happened here? Am I Rip-Seam Van Wrinkle or what?

Meanwhile, I owe something to you for checking this moribund sewing room! So, (drum roll) it's here again!!!

I'm offering four coupons this year and here are the links to the books' pages and the coupons to download each in your chosen format.

a free download of The Wardens of Punyu, coupon code WM72P
and three half-price coupons for my more sophisticated comedies,
 A Visit From Voltaire, coupon code  PU62G
Love and the Art of War coupon code ZF63X, and 
Under Their Skin  MX48Y.

To make a choice, please read reviews of all of them at Library Thing here: My book page at Library Thing.

Happy sewing and reading and once this hefty project is finished, I owe myself and my readers some spring creations.