Monday 24 June 2013

The Floral Trousers, Burda 108B-8-2010

They're ludicrous  . . . and I love them.
 Although I warned myself that flowered trousers were a quickie 2013 summer fashion not worth spending too much money or time on, not to mention rather inappropriate for a woman with grown children, I can't stop cheering myself up with this silly garment.

Moreover, I'm getting a surprisingly amount of wear out of them. We're not getting much hot weather so far. The Swiss summer is fleeting, with rain and hailstorms dampening our enthusiasm for the garden and its usual attractions. Behind me you see an empty lawn—no badminton or croquet set out yet and a hopeful hammock that spends more time drying out than being used. The flowerbed stands devoid of its usual wall of sunflowers. You can't start plants in June that usually seed in March.

So these trousers keep my legs covered in the chill mountain winds while serving as a nod to the trend. And it turns out that I've got at least three tops that go with them, though maroon, pink and green are not my usual 'colorway.' It's just what IKEA offered for less than ten bucks.

For  anyone looking for a speedy gesture towards the floral trousers trend, note that I finished these in a jiff by eliminating the phony-pockets welts at the back and the zippers at the ankles. I had to take them in around the thighs, using a 42-44 sizing and lengthening my usual 10 cm., and they're still not the "slims" Burda promised.
Here I am above,  pulling them out again for a casual Sunday lunch with friends yesterday. The flimsy chiffon top is an old Vogue OOP modelled by my daughter years ago.


  1. Is it just me or are all of Burda's supposedly slim trousers full of ease? Glad yours have turned out so well!

  2. No they are awesome ( well, maybe a bit ludicrous, but in an awesome way!)

  3. Those ARE cheerful, and if they make you smile, why not? :-)