Friday 21 January 2011

Quickie Burda blouse filling the gap

While waiting for my cut velvet to arrive from Thai Silks for my Vintage Adele, I felt the breath of spring. All the snow on our mountain has melted away, we now enjoy that burning Swiss sun that is the envy of visitors fleeing the English weather. My bird feeder has attracted not only a flock of orioles, but a very greedy, but bewildered red squirrel who followed the birds to the Buffet of Seeds only to find himself on a windowsill three floors up by mistake. I suppose he jumped from a neighbouring pine, but couldn't see a way back. Anyway, he's gone with no furry corpse below...
I've gotten a lot of compliments on the sleeveless Burda ruffled blouse I sewed last year, navy with polka dots (see archive item What I've sewn) perhaps because with slouchy grey pants and my mother's long knotted pearls, it exudes a vintage Marlene/Katherine Hepburn mix of 1930's play on feminine/masculine. So I'm trying another one of the Burda ruffled blouses, this one from the December edition. With its straight waist, this would be closer to the 1920's silhouette than 30's, and probably asks for a slimmer trouser or skirt.

It's a very easy pattern, except for the strange little cuffs which have two ends, but attach to a closed sleeve.
I'm doing it in sapphire blue silk charmeuse. Photos soon!


  1. What Burda number pattern is this? I might HAVE to make it. I adore a shirt with a simple shape, and the addition of the ruffle makes this one perfection.

  2. It's December 2010, 121 a/b, and also lengthens out to a dress version.

  3. Great blouse-I love a good ruffle- but you did mention "spring" and "melted snow on mountaintops"-so I will have to send a huge storm your way....... :)

  4. I'm really looking forward to seeing this pattern made up - I love it.