Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Burda October tie blouse 128a, pros and cons

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When the eldest child returned from auditing an oncology unit in Calcutta (this with a degree in history, go figure!) he brought back presents for the whole family and of course, knew exactly what would make his Mom happy. This teal and tobacco paisley pure silk was perfect for one of the new (actually classic) tie front blouses. 
The pattern has one strange feature, a serious drop shoulder seam, which I didn't expect and actually discovered only when I returned to the technical drawing after sewing the blouse:

I cut a 38 in the neckline down to a 43 at the hips. The only thing I think I'll change the next time I sew this up, and I intend to, is to interface the front facing which is a bit softer than I'd like. As the blouse is so soft a look anyway, it's not really an issue.
I used two gold "Chanel" buttons on the cuffs. The whole project took only a few hours of straight stitching and a few hand finishes at the interior of the collar and the shirt cuffs.

I'm tying the bow a little lower  than Burda's technical drawing above, (in the mag, they show it tied and untied in different versions) as they're showing it lower and less perky in the fashion mags this season You can take this "lady" look too far and with the kitten bowtie, you might up like you're about to take dictation (does anybody do that anymore?) or check out somebody's library books for them.

I'm going for "Lady Louche,"not Miss Marple!


  1. Pardon the ignorant question, but where is your email for the ebook?

    I agree that you don't want to look like you take dictation!

  2. Patti,
    Many thanks,

  3. Your blouse is lovely. I bought the October WOF because of it but the dropped shoulder made me hesitate. Could you show a photo of where the seam sits please?

  4. Dear Valerie,
    The seam hits exactly where, on the photo, you see the upper rail of the outer balcony outside the window.

  5. It's a gorgeous blouse. What a great present from your son! I agree tying the bow loosely looks right, right now!

  6. Ooh that's lovely. So elegant.

  7. Beautiful blouse and fabulous fabric!