Monday 1 November 2010

My "insider," darling goddaughter

Okay, I confess, I have the advantage over all you other sewists because I have an inside track on the fashion industry. Kind of. My darling English goddaughter, known to the family as "H," and disguised in my novel, "A Visit From Voltaire" as a daughter of the "Worthy family" was tapped on the street by Elite Models in London about a year ago, and before you knew it, was on the catwalks in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Paris and London last year and this. Whew! Here she is visiting me with her Mum in Switzerland a little more than a decade ago.

and here she is on this autumn making heads turn as a beautiful woman. We are all so proud of her, and her Mum and I are riveted to the internet pages of the shows, trying to spot her in all her fashion guises. H. says modestly that the magic is  all in the makeup box, but let's face it, it helps to be 5'10", with her fabulous figure. When I run a fashion idea by her, like the Maxmara Camel Coat idea, I know I'll get a straight answer. Here she is in this season's Christopher Kane show. She did eight shows in Paris for the AW 2010 collections— a fantastic start for someone so new on the scene. And when I was in hospital last year for the Dire Worst, who was the first to "text" Auntie D. her support? Watch out for her!

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  1. H. is beautiful. Hope she has a successful and lucrative modelling career for as long as she cares to pursue it. It must be so much fun to get a first look at the gorgeous clothes.