Thursday 21 January 2016

Coming up for daughter, sloppy looking yoga pants from Burda, January 2016

Update to the update below: She reported that they are very comfy and the waist is pretty perfect but hates the low crotch (might be the weight of the knit dragging down?) and the length. So I'm advising her not to cut a thing, but to hoik up the trousers at the waist and fold in the excess behind the ample ruched waistband. I'd hate to see her unpicking all the stitching and elastic tunnel holding in the waist, but she'll only be able to lift the trousers up to the top of the pockets, about 10 centimeters.
Well, we tried, but she sounded game, and two pairs are involved—at some expense. We'll see if her roommate, who actually has more experience and a sewing machine, can help out.

Are you still working out in tight leggings? Or running shorts?  Oh, darling, to hear my 23 year old daughter tell it, that is so 2015. She has ordered up some of these in size 35-39 but looooong, like 111 cm long.
I'm working on two pairs, in soft, flowing black poly with thinner poly knit lining and gray viscose, very drapey, with the same black tricot knit lining. These hardly seem athletic or streamlined to me, especially if you're hanging upside down in some yoga contortion, but  in this case, daughter is in an intensive MA course in film-acting in London where students are required to wear only dark workout clothing. Let's hope she's not hanging upside down, but flooooowing, like Gypsy Rose Lee's drama teacher in the unforgettable The Trouble with Angels, a childhood favorite of mine and hers. "Willllooooows, willlooows, ladies."

UPDATE, hard to say how they'll look on her, because they're sent off to London now and we'll wait for photos. I had to leave the waist elastic open in center front for her to adjust. Overall, this is a very easy pattern, except for the construction of that very high, ruched waist which has to be stitched at the sides against a bias ribbon as a stay. We'll wait to see if these are a hit or get binned behind my back! With this customer, one never knows. The gray viscose was much, much bulkier than the black poly at the waist, and I'd advise anyone trying this pattern to work with thinner poly before trying the soft viscose shown in the photo.