Friday 28 September 2012

My Goddaughter on BURDA'S Style blog London recap!

Wow! I was just flipping through Burda Style Blog's rundown on the latest clothes from London Fashion Week here;
Burda's Style blog, London recap
when I scrolled down to find this:

which was one "WHAT THE...?" moment because this chick looked AWFULLY FAMILIAR...
YES! behind those mysterious shades I recognized "H,"  my own goddaughter "walking" London Fashion Week! (confirmed by a quick check with her Mum) Isn't that Temperley dress pretty and doesn't she look great?
She looks a helluva lot better in the photo Burda's running of her this week than what the venerable Viv Westwood did to her on the catwalk a few days before, in granny glasses and specs, here:
Just shows what a pro she is, but how much one difference one dress can make!

Tuesday 4 September 2012

The Liebster Award and von Furstenberg knockoff

Some time ago, Cyberdaze gave me the Liebster Award (for underread bloggers, if I understand correctly) and now that it's my turn to pass it on, I find myself in a quandry. Every blogger I like is read over the limit of 200 followers.
Worse, this award asks that I find not one, but eleven people to tag, with no "tag backs."

Well, I'm not getting far with this, and for weeks I've randomly looked for blogs. Now, I'm crying "uncle" and I'm begging for nominations from all of you out there, preferably sewing blogs that we all need to discover; no language requirement, (e.g. I'm discovering so many good Russian and German sewists through, but I can't read Russian and can't determine their eligibility level!)

Meanwhile, Diane Von Furstenberg's site for this season showed the new dress above which looked awfully familiar. Check out Burda April 2011. The DVF dress seems to feature more skirt and less bodice but they're awfully alike in spirit.
Hmm, I'm tempted, although the armpit-high leather gloves are a little offputting.