Wednesday 24 June 2015

Um, sorry, I've been here's a peek of Burda's designs for August 2015 including the Cowboy Look...My comments

Ironic, isn't it, that because I've been so busy sewing, I've lost touch with my fellow sewing bloggists.

I've sewn a one-armed black knit sheath, the Kenzo white blouse, a Margaret Howell look-alike white shirt as well as my YSL knock-off red 'Carmen' dress and I'm just now finishing a pale blue version of my favourite 'grandfather shirt' from the same April 2010 go-to Burda.

Uh, no photos yet.

But I have been lurking a lot to get inspiration from you guys. Still can't get up the gumption to go with a jumpsuit, two years on.

Meanwhile, I found the upcoming Burda designs for August, but don't see too much that spins my sewing spurs without the photos. I say, 'spins my spurs' because the German house of Burda has gone again for the 'Western look.' Odd how much I love the 'safari look' which is a fantasy style, but loathe the cowgirl schtick.

Apart from the current season's fling with fringe, I don't see how it plays very far. Nonetheless, a fantasy about cowboys and Indians runs through German fantasy life and may be linked to a dubious line of children's adventure books from the 1930's written by a guy named Karl May. My husband, now in his 70's, smuggled these sagas about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand under the bedcovers of his Swiss monastery boys' school with a flashlight to devour Karl May sagas.

I really don't know anybody who wants to look like an extra from a Clint Eastwood movie.
Do you? Yet, the Claudia Cardinale-on-the-Texan-plains does strike some mittel-Europeans hard. Fifteen years ago, we signed the kids up for a local badminton club and found it was run by a clique of hardened country-westernized Swiss dressed top to toe in boots, hats and fringe.