Sunday 18 December 2022

Sewing for 2022 was limited...but a preview warning of coming (disasters?) attractions for 2023

Yes, I did some sewing this year, but it seemed rather more like a case of 'oh, God, now what?' than Wow! I tried to learn how to sew a bathing suit to replace some worn out functional black one-piece suits I wear three times a week, (more on that in a coming and very painful post) and to sew a bathrobe to replace one that my mother had given me thirty years ago, which had become little more than a sentimental terrycloth rag. The delays, disappointments and dirty fixes on both projects are in the coming posts. Just warning you in advance.

Also, this year I'll be tackling Patrones yet again, determined to find out why I can't get the fit right after my patchwork-print dress. I'm finding the measurements gap between the Burda parameters between bodice and hips hard to believe, that armscythe too deep, etc. Perhaps a basic toile is in order. Their styles are marvelous and forward-leaning. A shame to leave those mags under-utilized.

Meanwhile, happy holidays to my few followers and a general wish for more peace, kindness, health, and sanity for 2023.

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  1. Coser con los patrones de las revistas es frustrante porque siempre hay que arreglar y reformar, no encajan bien........ pero ánimo y a conseguirlo. FELIZ NAVIDAD🎄🎄