Sunday 22 May 2022

Recovering/restyling/rediscovering a "Pink Dress Fail" from BurdaStyle 4/2021/102

To this happy, sunny frock

From this draggy dumpster-fire sack:

Inspired by a fashion spread in the French weekly, Elle last spring, I threw together (with some rather epic setbacks in fabric supply, condition, fitting etc.) three pink dresses. The one I considered the least successful was the muumuu like 'buffet dress.' On me, it just looked like a baggy ton of viscose without definition or style. I never wore it, not once.

BUT, it's now my favorite garment, eliciting repeat requests from my husband. What happened? Not much! All it took was a western-style belt to pick up on the prairie-flower motif and a shorter hem.

 I am not the 'buffet dress' type. Lesson learned.