Thursday 10 May 2012

True RIT, here's where we are in 2012

Remember fans, we're talking about four boxes of powder dye here and as far as I know, the international airmail system still works, as does my credit card. I'm sorry, but what is stopping this American consumer giant from putting four little boxes of tangerine, evening blue, royal blue and purple powder dye into the, uh, outbox for simple mailing? Don't you love it that RIT thinks it needs another website like Amazon to use the US mail system? I can give them some top secret info on the distributor possibilities for Switzerland. My mailman is pretty reliable.
If this is the future of the American economy, I despair. Calcification, provincialism and rigidity. No wonder Amazon is sweeping the floor with these old companies.

From: inkstain []
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2012 10:10 AM
To: PhoenixBrands
Subject: Re: trying to order Rit Dye from Switzerland, your order form doesn't work

Dear Phoenix Brands,

Since you gave me no assistance in finding a local distributor for my purchase of four boxes of RIT powder dye,
nor were you interested in recommending any means of purchasing your products,
I have given your company an unfavorable review on my website:

Companies that do not serve a global market and customers don't deserve to survive.

From the global giant:
We apologize we were unable to provide you with any assistance in finding the products in your area. Unfortunately, we do not have any distributor information for Switzerland. We are also unaware of any other websites ( who would ship to Switzerland.  We appreciate your comments and have forwarded them to our web team.

Thank you for contacting us.

Phoenix Brands

I'm FURIOUS with RIT DYES' distributor Phoenix

Preparing to do my Philip Lim knock-off tank tops, I ordered lengths of damask and China silk from Thai Silks in California who are totally professional. I expect the silk will arrive within a week. They are a pleasure to order from, prompt and personal.

HOWEVER, after using the RIT dye charts and calculating that I need a box each of purple, tangerine, royal blue and evening blue for my different layers, and filling in their stupid survey to get 10% off my purchase, I discover that this company doesn't fill overseas orders.

Yup, after a good forty-five minutes with these RIT people, I was shoved out of their cyber door by their company Phoenix.

No info or directions to their overseas distributors, no thanks for completing their survey, no "Gee, we wish we could expand our business."

Just ciao, Potential Customers of the World.