Thursday 24 September 2015

Burda November 2015, technical drawing preview, any thoughts?

I keep promising that come evening, I will  trace the oversized man's coat in the October Burda for a nubbly tweed version  but then I get tired, I haven't done enough writing to reward myself with a relaxing sewing task, I think, 'tomorrow,' and already that blasted Russian Burda site has popped up with the November designs. Gawd, I can't keep up! I haven't even shown you the one-sleeved black ponte knit sheath I wore last summer to my violinist kid's performances at the Verbier Festival. Woohoo, that was a high!
Here you go, below. Any thoughts? At first glance, I'm finding the November items a little dowdy. Persuade me.  I'm missing something, I'm sure.
And they're getting too much mileage, I fear, out of a few designs this month. One pair of appalling trousers. One coat four ways? The same one-shouldered sheath we had a couple of summers ago. Some 'party frock' out of 1952. And I've done a nice black cape already… so… I will do that October boyfriend coat…soon.

Thursday 3 September 2015

Revisiting BurdaStyle's Greek Tunic T-shirt Dress, 5-2010-105 a fave redone in a blood red version for autumn

It seems that this season I've experimented with strange shapes in white blouses for an avant garde foray and then retreated into some TNT looks that I know will stand the test of time, e.g a grandfather shirt in a sky blue cotton,  a white canvas pencil skirt, and white canvas slacks for summer.

There's another thing I reach for a lot—this 'Greek draped' T-shirt dress, Burda 5-2010-105. Here's a dark red version I just stitched up a few weeks ago (yes, Allison! Great minds…) and the French blue version worn below by my daughter, (hiked up to a shocking mini-length the way she prefers.)
On me, and worn at its knee length, this dress manages to look dressed and casual all at the same time, depending on shoes, scarf or necklace. I was intending to make a second in black viscose jersey to add to my collection of black knit dresses, then changed my mind when I stumbled on this blood-red in our only fabric store within reach. (Shaaaaame, Switzerland!)

When I saw a necklace with dark red beads and jet black crystals in a shop next door, the 'look' just leapt out at me, and I was raring to go.
This is a one-day sew, I promise.