Friday 4 March 2011

Burda's Shark Fin Skirt

So here's the Italian bimba skirt from February's Burda, which for obvious reasons, I'm nicknaming the Shark Fin. I think it'll be a useful cotton skirt to transition from winter through spring to summer, when I can wear it with my black cotton platform espradrilles,  but I have a few quibbles. 

One is the finniness of the gore, (I used a plain non-stretch cotton) which leaves me with the option of ironing it down decoratively into a triangular pleat, or going around humming, 'Boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom" in homage to Jaws. Admittedly, it makes this very pegged skirt highly walkable.

Another surprise was the height of the waistband, which I've belted here to actually bring the eye down. I have a very short waist so this baby reaches up unflatteringly to my ribcage. That's why I've chosen to lengthen the waistline back down with a black cardigan. But notice that with the high-heeled boots, very suited to the style of swishy gore, I look like Stilt Lady.

For "les courses" today (weekly shopping) I swapped the cardigan for a motorcycle jacket. Pretty good outfit for town wear, I think, racier than "office" but more stylish than "gym."


  1. Can never have enough black skirts. Now I need to acquire a "finny" one.............
    Looks great.

  2. It does look good! Very stylish and a little bit different.

  3. Looks great! Mine should be done today, I was surprised how high that waistband is too, I might flip it inside as a facing instead.

  4. Looks good with the boots! Very tempted to make this one too.

  5. I think this looks great and the high waist is very flattering. I love the belt and actually a fitted skirt with a long kick vent thingy looks very stylish. Great shape for you too. Work it girl with those boots!