Thursday 12 July 2012

Audrey-in-Rome skirt for holiday sojourns, Burda May 106 B

We've got two (count-em!) invitations this summer to holiday on the French/Croatian coasts with friends. Well, they're so nice, I should say, Friends. Friends. FRIENDS! People who'd like to help us catch up on three summers lost to grave life-changing illness requiring months and months of hospital confinement.
I really like this Roman Holidayesque silhouette and although I should be fined for trying anything with an elevated waist after the Epic Graduation Day Fail posted below, I think the belt might help it work on me. God knows I've got enough white shirts. And if I starve myself between now and departure, I might manage to tighten up that belt a notch and eat my ice cream cone without a care!

But I've been distracted by daughter coming home, rooting through all the Burdas and insisting we go to the fabric store for her. Oh dear, you want them to come home and then...the previous post was what she has ordered up. She has now traced out the halter top and jacket and I must now check it all and move these projects along.


  1. Roman Holiday skirt- yes! I knew it looked familiar. You summed it up perfectly.
    Sounds like "Mom's Sweatshop" is in full swing. Hope you make some lovely things fr both your daughter and yourself.

  2. What a nice classic skirt! I hope we get to see the result! Good luck with all yours and your daughter's sewing projects, it it so nice that you teach her how to sew!

    I forwarded the versatile blogger award to you, I hope you don't mind! You can read the details on my blog.