Thursday 13 October 2011

Burda, I apologize, November issue


OKAY, Burda, I apologize. I am bowled over by your November issue in full, all laughing at naked smokin' TV presenters aside. I especially love the Red Feature that opens the Russian preview. I mean, wow!
If I hadn't sewn a red coat last year (see review archived below) I would be sewing up that duffel coat NOW! But look at this gorgeous, body-fitting red dress with the ruffle down its mid-seam, also shown later in black and impossible to make out in their own photos.
And finally, the beautiful fitted brocade jacket for tall sizes. I find it peculiar that the photographer of this issue systematically obscured the clothes, so that only when you look at the line drawings, is it obvious that these are great designs.

They also have a super glam evening dress, a rocking brocade jacket and finally, because they really don't want us to stop laughing, what I will dub the Pencil-Holder Dress. Make it, somebody, please!


  1. I love the two jackets and the duffle coat too! I like the ruffle dress and the Smoking Barbara dress. I need none of these clothes, LOL. Have to go check the Russian preview, no idea which, if any, is the Petite offer.

  2. The dress with the ruffle is fab. As for the last one, I reckon those little pockets are a feminine version of the utility belt. Clearly a dress for Bat Girl!

  3. Or someone who needs to stock up on ice cream cones before she sets off for a party...or...don't get me started!

  4. Gosh, they look fabulous. Burda has been rather good of late (I'll overlook the recent Octoberfest edition). Loved your tie neck blouse by the way.