Wednesday 16 January 2013

Missing in Action! The Dead Sewing Blogs

Many people are ending 2012 by awarding well-deserved blogger awards to sewists who brighten our days with their creations and comments.

But I'm starting the Chinese New Year of the Snake with a sneaky shout-out to missing friends of the Dead Sewing Blogs. Are they shedding their skins for a new incarnation? Can we look forward to seeing them rise again?

It came to my mind when I realized that most of my favorites bloggers don't list links to me, boohoo! and woops! my own blog list is a little out of date and ??? where had some of my favorite bloggers gone?

Obviously, some of them were sucked into that happy void known as new motherhood. Here I count ladies I really looked to for some nice craftmanship and creativity. Lost...lost...somewhere in their designer nurseries are:

But how to explain some of the others (apart from Lindsay T at, who signed off with tremendous elegance and clarity,) just vanished into a frozen cyberzone of dresses from 2010 or 2011?

Like the disappearance of Birgitte at

Birgitte's recreations of runway items were equal to none. I fear her months of working on a Balenciaga jacket burned her out.

Or Eugenia in London at

Not even a little knit dress for us, Eugenia?

Please give us a sign of life. I am actually worried about you ladies. I lost 2009 myself to an illness that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Hope you're well and thriving.


  1. I miss these blogs too! I know that a couple of the bloggers just had babies (Brigitte and Tany) so for me, that explains their absence. But the others, I don't know... I especially worry about Eugenia who was so kind and thoughtful.

  2. I often think of those two talented ladies too. Hope nothing wrong happened to them. What about the selfish seamstress ?

  3. well, happy, yes, but still a sewing void is motherhood :) Can you believe I haven't sewn anything for 3 years? Not even a little something for my son?
    The motto of my motherhood experience is "this too shall pass" so... this too shall pass and I hope to be back.

  4. I miss Eugenia so much and also Shannon at Hungry Zombie Couture. No one owes me any explanations but I do hope all these bloggers know that their efforts had a positive effects on our creative lives.

  5. Um.......I did own MissMuslin.......

    Well, I still sew all the time, have taken classes with SK and KK, but the effort and time that went into documenting a blog truly "ran its course". I was a slow grind toward the finish line.

    I also found many blogs were venturing from sewing into gardening and documenting personal strife......I wanted to remain on the sewing narrow....

    I enjoy your blog enormously and I too miss those ladies.

    I want to believe their blogging lives did not amount to a sinister ending....they simply "ran the course."

    Joanne M -formerly MissMuslin

  6. i blame sewing mojo - sometimes we just have to take a break. they will all be back - sooner or later. & we shall all be here waiting. until then, we can enjoy the newer sewing blogs :)

  7. It is worrisome, isn't it? I miss some of those blogs too.

    Oh, I've added you to my bloglist - more a matter of housekeeping than anything else.

  8. I miss Eugenia! I hope they're all ok.

  9. Great news! My blog prompted Selfish Seamstress to get married so she had to sew a wedding dress and finally had something to blog about!
    Yes, it's a desperate move, but if you can't find anything else to motivate your sewing mojo, I say, make a major life change that demands a fresh dress.

    Congrats, Selfish!!

  10. I agree wholeheartedly with jane. I look down my Bloglist and discover that some really inspirational people haven't posted in months, years. We miss you!