Sunday 8 March 2015

St Laurent knock-off, the peasant neckline...again with Burda 2010-4-112B

Anybody remember the ruffled Lanvin look that was doing the rounds some years ago? It looks like St Laurent has returned to this favorite trope with their own collection for Spring 2015.

When we deconstruct this look, it's an elasticated ruffle peasant neckline with variations of skirt below and by my count this is the 4,579th time St Laurent uses it. You can big up the ruffle (there's another Burda pattern that puts wire in its oversized ruffle) but I get more mileage out of clothes with a little less oomph.

I'm taking up a length of pure silk I've had around for literally twenty-five years, inspired by the return of red and black as a combination in various collections this year. Since I don't need St Laurent's trailing skirts, I'm going with a dress pattern used before in blue silk, a Burda pattern from April 2010.
The 2015 St Laurent version
The Lanvin look from about 2009

My daughter wearing my Burda 2010-4-112B mimicking the Lanvin Lady above
Burda 4-2010 
 Burda 4-2010


  1. This was my favourite style in the early eighties! An elasticated peasant neckline to start with, and then adding lace ruffles, or layers of solid fabric, finished with satin bias tape. Can't wait to see your dress in red and black silk!