Monday 2 July 2012

Graduation Day 2012 "Together Again!" with joy and an epic dress fail

Some days are just too important and rare to ruin by worrying about a epic wardrobe malfunction, and here's a doozy which I didn't let ruin my day. The graduation day of our son threatened to rain on and off, so the white pants with either one of the flimsy silk Philip Lim knockoff tunics didn't feel right.

I decided to wear the lilac/mauve Burda lace tunic which I had sewn as a back-up in case my eldest's Cambridge graduation day a year ago wasn't hot enough for the Burda butterfly silk dress. (see previous posts)

So, in Switzerland I packed up the Burda tunic with the Burda "shark skirt"— and only discovered once it was all on, in the dim lights of our nasty B&B on Chesterton Road, Cambridge, UK, that the waistband of the skirt showed through the lace as high as the bottom of my bra. I couldn't pull out the camisole underneath the tunic because, folks, I admit with shame, it's a mauve charmeuse nightie that hangs longer than the tunic. It looked like the skirt was crawling up my body...
Epic Mother-of-Graduate Fail.
But here's the point: The Kid "T" was the point. He won the major university-wide prize for music, nabbed an end-of-year soloist gig for the college Fellows and graduates, (photo) and a place to continue at the Royal Academy in violin/conducting for another two years. For a little kid shuttled from New York pre-school to a Francophone village maternité and a Swiss Matura to the hallowed halls of Cambridge University, he's done brilliantly and we're so proud of him.

I couldn't have cared less about looking a dork, as if anybody looked anyway, because we were all so pleased for T. and even more important, grateful to be together. 

Last year, their dad was in critical condition in hospital and missed both the graduation of our eldest at Cambridge and our daughter from high school on the same day. We were all scrambling to keep up our spirits, especially daughter graduating all alone with her father lying semi-conscious a few miles away.

Just being together after scares like this family has been through (my 2009-2010 illness was a similar Dance with Death) makes us feel like happy Muppets, singing, "Together AGAIN!" (YouTube link)


  1. Congratulations on your lovely - and successful, wow! - family! I think you still looked great.

  2. Well done to your son!
    The family photos are lovely.
    Shame there wasn't time to nip into an M&S and buy a new camisole, but you still looked fine.

  3. Well done for enjoying your day with your fabulous family in spite of your wardrobe!

  4. You have such a nice family! And I always find that higher sitting skirts look better than too low waisted ones, and I don't think your outfit looks bad!