Monday 22 March 2021

Burda is repeating too many designs...COVID side effect or new policy?

Seen that twisted top design before? I have, and in fact, I sewed it up in the dress version many years ago. But it has just reappeared in a 2021 Burda Style magazine. As did the parka below, in an edition that appeared some ten years ago. So did the elasticated skirt with the slit, above, only a few years ago. In fact, Burda Easy seems to think we just want the same knit sheath dress with a collar variation and yet another pair of joggers or leggings to get by. Come on, Burda. The Easy editions were much better before you increased the number of issues per year.

This 'new money for old rope' approach with Burda seems to have stepped up—or I've just collected thirteen years of Burda only to discover that they always recycle old designs?

For me, the disappointment started with Burda Style monthly reprinting some of their featured retro designs that had been collected for their 'one off' vintage issues of the past, the 50's, the 60's, etc. But they were upfront about that. They weren't trying to sell their vintage greats as if they were new product, but marketing them in a different publication for a wider audience. I could forgive that, as many people passed up those special editions and missed some great designs.

But now, those of us who collect BurdaStyle mags might have noticed that we're often just getting recycled patterns without any admission that these were sold to us already.

Take April 2021, for example: here are two jackets, the one with the button the 'new' April 2021 version and the one with the snapped collar, the version from 2011.


There is a possibility that this is a sad side effect of the COVID crisis which may have reduced Burda's creative possibilities. Okay, that I will certainly understand. In our own extended family, we've suffered two deaths and nine cases to date. People are grieving near and far and what's a little duplication from Burda?

So, no, I'm not going to go on over trivia, but I'll keep an eye out.


  1. I also noticed that Burda repeats a lot. Just this shirt I have already sewn at that time. Why do I need the subscription??
    Best regards from Germany,

  2. Thanks for chiming in, Susan. Stay well, and wish me luck—I've started studying German as a confinement project!

  3. I’ve only been sewing for 8 years and subbing for 7 I’ve noticed so many repeated designs lately. I was frustrated when the pattern envelope releases started becoming repeats of magazine issues but then thought, oh well, at least I won’t be tempted to buy new patterns (and I get that the two appeal to slightly different customer bases.)

    To see blatant reproduction of patterns from the last decade, while the magazine price increases is disheartening. I’d rather they shift to bi-monthly with innovative designs than this. :(

  4. and also between Burda and Burda Easy, such as Top 02/2020 #119 and Rollkragen-Shirt H/W 2017 #3C :-(

  5. This has been a long-running source of complaints on the Russian Burda site. People keep a running tally of all the repeat patterns, and in some recent issues, there are just two or three new patterns--if that. If you look at the Russian site, some people have been putting links to the old releases of the same patterns in the comments (the person named Margar pretty much specializes in this... must have a huge Burda stash, or nothing better to do, heh). Even Burda cannot keep things straight. In one recent release, they messed up the line art for a repeat dress, using the sleeve drawing from an old release. I don't have a huge Burda stash myself, as I just buy the patterns digitally on their site, but it is a bit egregious. I wonder how much longer they plan to keep this going.

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