Monday 17 August 2015

October Burda technical drawings! Sorry, bikini-clad vacationers, get out your pumpkins already!

I guess the Russians are just that much keener to get on with their coats and who can blame them? So here is the Russian preview of Burda October, and I must say, there are two choice overcoats there, as well as some other interesting items. But hey, I haven't finished my August sunbathing yet!


  1. I'm loving this issue - as much as I loved September! The dresses especially have some great and unusual lines. I love the oversize coat with the half-belt. Very chic. What are you thinking of making?

  2. , Caroline. Thanks for commenting.That coat, exactly, but I'm also tempted by the coachman's overcoat in the previous issue. I'll be doing a post on the coat choices soon.