Tuesday 19 April 2022

Another alterations story: Daughter found vintage piece for birthday 'recovery'...

Remember my Ralph Lauren hacking jacket alteration, thanks to a find by my daughter in a Soho vintage shop in London?

 She did it again.

New Luisa Spagnoli jackets run some $600 dollars, https://www.luisaspagnoli.it/us_en/jackets-blazers-promotion.html, so when Actress Daughter on a very, very slim budget found one in a vintage shop in London, she snatched it up for my birthday. It boasted a great true red wool-mix fabric in excellent condition and wonderful Italian Roman head buttons with flawless finishing.

 But it was a size 42, just a bit too tight around the hips and too short in the sleeves, but fine across the shoulders and chest.

Like any good quality jacket, this piece had enough seam allowance to let out the three back seams in the back to about 5cm and to let down the sleeve hem by about one inch. I also moved the front buttons by half an inch. The whole rehab took about 90 minutes.

 It needed a Milanese finish, so I've styled it above a red and black Krizia silk scarf I inherited from my own mother in the 1980's.



  1. Hello, I read your blog and I know you are sewing from Burda. I'm a beginner at sewing and tried to make a cropped jacked from Burda 10 / 2021, the one you denounced as a reprint from November 2011. But I could not make the collar at all... when I turn, after sewing it, it breaks. I don't know why. May I please ask you to explain how can it be done correctly? I would appreciate your reply very much. Thank you, M:)

  2. Better said, it either breaks, either looks really bulky. What is the solution?

  3. Bonita chaqueta y excelente adaptación. BESICOS.

  4. Wow. wonderful vintage jacket. What a fun and unique birthday gift.