Saturday 10 September 2011

First blouse of the season, (okay, don't yawn) Burda 128a October preview

My eldest brought me home a beautiful silk crepe de chine from India in teal blue and tobacco paisley which is going to be this blouse from Burda (above), although the ruffled one (below) was a runner-up. The October issue of Burda is crammed with classics (if like me, you've already fashioned your way through the 70's, it's a bit of a retread season, nonetheless.) There are classic full-length coats, fitted blazers, draped blouses, straightforward trousers. 

I'm actually getting more fashion sense from Burda Easy which showed trousers in silk velvet with an enclosed ankle which looked pretty cool after all the cropped skinnies. (on the right.) I'm showing the fashion photo because I noticed how much the Burda Easy military jacket on the left in the photo resembled the military jacket shown in the Mother Daughter feature in the September Burda. Notice the features they changed to make it easier for beginners. (Thanks to the book Theatre Shoes, I will never hear the word "beginners "without hearing the echo, "Overture and Beginners, please." The curse of a literate childhood.)


  1. I think this might be the "better" Burda issue so far this year......

  2. Yes, there are lots of lovely, wearable items, particularly the blouses. Haunting the newstand with my coins...