Thursday 1 September 2011

Gorilla Sleeves

I was recently taken with this coat, which pushed a lot of buttons (60's silhouette, useful black fabrication, touch of leopard glam) as I considered my new autumn "coat sew." Burda slyly underplayed this one in their recent September issue, making it simply part of an animal print feature:Modell PhotoAnd then I caught this in a recent edition of InStyle (I was just buying it for my daughter, honest, officer!)
and I start to see the idea. When you look at the YSL, Carven and Vuitton "gorilla sleeves," they certainly carry the King Kong conviction that Burda has shied away from, but I'm tempted.


  1. I'd love to see what you make! I hadn't thought of this in decades, but in the mid-80s my mom made me a jacket to my specificatons; the body was recycled from a wool plaid coat, and the sleeves were brown fur. Nobody had anything like it (hot pink fur coats, yes, those were the 80s after all!), but I wore it proudly!

  2. This would be a fun coat to make and wear. I notice that in the fashion illustration you shared that two of the coats are rather fitted through the bodice to balance out the puffy arms, while the Burda coat is big all over.

  3. I agree-this one might be a hidden gem......