Thursday 3 November 2011

December Burda preview

Well, I don't want to declare the Burda December issue a dog just yet, but I've looked:

while this blouse is one Tie-on-Steroids, one to shame and mock anybody (your future sister-in-law?) showing up for Christmas lunch in a normal tie blouse like the one I sewed two posts back, but this one is  destined for the dry cleaners the first time Auntie Hilda asks you to pass the gravy bowl. It's the kind of style that belongs at a Big Event where you want to stand out but not around the Christmas Tree when you're meeting the boyfriend's parents. (Also kissing the moldy ornaments that Cousin Boris just unpacked from the attic might not be wise, either.)

But I am interested in the new quality of the fake furs I ran my hand across down at our Nyon fabric store. A whole new world of softness and credibility. I am tempted. There are a couple of evening dresses, Burda Generic, without the oomph of our Heidi Barbara a few issues back. 


  1. I'm rather liking the look of December's Burda, actually I've found the last few months to have been pretty good. Maybe I am just odd?!

  2. Al, I've really liked the last few months, so maybe I'm spoiled and a little letdown by the preview. We'll see.
    Address for books?

  3. Yeah, I was so-so about the preview too. There are some beautiful gowns, but since I don't need a gown at the moment, I'm not sure what there would be for me to sew based on the first glance.

  4. I really like the faux fur coat you show. Can you tell me where to find the pattern?

  5. Dear Nancy,
    I am tempted too. The fur coat (it looks like a Persian wannabe) is in the December Burda coming up. Happy sewing!