Thursday 10 November 2011

Full December Burda, a few lurvely items.

Oddly enough, I like some Burda designs for December that didn't make the preview. For one thing, there's a great tea dress in the first design, and the importance of tea dresses was a feature of this fashion video from the Guardian last weekend.
Tea Dresses.  I adore the "I'm your Xmas present" style of the big bow on the next one, and the flapper effect on the third.
As for the fourth, I'm going to make that fur coat. Watch me. Just watch me!


  1. I love that first dress too! I found more things that I liked from the non-previewed patterns than the previewed ones. Loved the classic trench and the white coat from December as well.

  2. Oh for a few more hours in the day. It'll be a week or two until mine turns up but it looks like another good one.

  3. Yes I don't know what is going on at Burda lately but it is going through a great phase, long may it last!