Thursday 15 March 2012

Spring is Almost Sprung

When the croci are breaking through the snow, and the potager is looking more weed than white, it's time to plan the spring sewing.
I've looked through my wardrobe and apart from a new pair of red jeans, everything is very 2010-2011, mostly white shirts and two pairs of Burda khakis (one greenish, one mustardey, with light sweaters to match.)

Too many safari jackets to admit to. But I guess the lions are safe this year.

Then there's the "Deauville-feel" stuff— a Burda polka-dot ruffled blouse, navy jeans, Burda "flamenco" navy skirt and lots of blue and grey cardigans for the mountain evening cool.

So which direction to head in 2012? Am I sticking with the jungle or Colette? Venturing into bold colour block territory or heading toward pastels?

I'm thinking that the bold colour thing isn't for me unless it's a strong blue. I'll do a blocked dress if I can find the right (not neon) color combo:
and I need a few simple pairs of white/beige pants. Thanks, Burda April. I'm hoping I can still fit into those white jeans I sewed two years back, so no-waistband sewing is my reward this year,

and as warned, I'm hot for a knock-off of the Philip Lim shirt previously posted in two layers of the same pastel tone. I think I'm heading for some Thai silk/home-dyeing adventures there!

But don't you also love the Ferretti designer dress Burda offers for April? Hmmm. A little silk chiffon and more satin from Thai silks into the basket?


  1. That designer dress is gorgeous, roll on April Burda.

  2. I've heard some good things about the April Burda. Hope it arrives soon!

  3. I like your line-up, where do you get your Thai silks from? (please don't say Thailand?)

  4. I'm very pleased with their service: Thai Silks, the company—

  5. I really really liked the Ferretti dress and I´m definitely making it. Maybe in black...