Sunday 11 March 2012

Our London weekend followed by a palate cleanser from Karl

First off, the Narnia Muskrat Love Coat did go to the ball or, er, the offspring's London symphony conducting gig. The weather in London was just enough on the side of spring chilly to pull it off. But I'm afraid there aren't many outings left this spring that will call for fur. Happily, no mothballs needed, unless there are some moths that dine on petroleum products. I know it'll be waiting for me next October.

Here's the coat in action in the Geneva airport lounge on Thursday rocking free orange juice. I think the belt worked but I'm also going to add two more sets of fur hooks, above and below the waist. I packed the skinny grey jeans and grey suede boots you see here with a blue satin blouse and long grey cashmere cardigan for travel, switched the blouse to the Burda ruffled turquoise paisley blouse underneath the cardigan with turquoise necklace for lunch in Battersea on Friday with eldest (who brought me the paisley silk from India last summer), and for evening the Burda black cloqué dress inspired by AllysonC and sewn a couple of seasons back underneath the Jim Thompson silk Vogue Marcie Tilton OOP kimono pattern for the Friday night concert, and underneath the Burda home-dyed blue cut-velvet kimono for a Thursday dinner for our hosts at the very "Midnight in Paris"-mooded Le Quecum Bar.

Our hosts were the parents of the lovely god-daughter, modelling here on the cover of this season's Harrod's catalogue in a lovely blue Roland Mouret dress. See her also on pages 44, 46 and 48.

Before I unveil my spring sewing plans later this week, (i.e. before I figure them out) here's a little laugh. New York mag did a run down of Karl Lagerfeld's most outrageous quotes, including a wonderful compilation of filmed quips.
Love him or not, the guy is one of a kind and you can't underestimate how much he has influenced all of us. So click on for some funny viewing:

A Random Collection of Karl Lagerfeld’s Most Ridiculous Quotes


  1. Gorgeous coat in action. Thanks for sharing KL's stupid quotes lol

  2. The coat and belt look fabulous teamed with the gray jeans and boots. And the description of your other outfits is equally fine. I would love to see your version of the two kimonos. You are an inspiration.

  3. Want to add that I just saw your version of Marcy's kimono pattern, and it is divine. The spark from the contrast belt is genius.