Thursday 10 May 2012

I'm FURIOUS with RIT DYES' distributor Phoenix

Preparing to do my Philip Lim knock-off tank tops, I ordered lengths of damask and China silk from Thai Silks in California who are totally professional. I expect the silk will arrive within a week. They are a pleasure to order from, prompt and personal.

HOWEVER, after using the RIT dye charts and calculating that I need a box each of purple, tangerine, royal blue and evening blue for my different layers, and filling in their stupid survey to get 10% off my purchase, I discover that this company doesn't fill overseas orders.

Yup, after a good forty-five minutes with these RIT people, I was shoved out of their cyber door by their company Phoenix.

No info or directions to their overseas distributors, no thanks for completing their survey, no "Gee, we wish we could expand our business."

Just ciao, Potential Customers of the World.


  1. I feel your pain! Last week, I did a test with a few friends around the world. I've been getting Spiegel newsletters for years but I guess I stopped reading them a while ago because I can't open the website. Every single newsletter, I can see the ad, click through to a 404 page. I fwd'ed to friends in EU, South America and the US and ONLY THE US ONE COULD OPEN THE WEBSITE.

    As for shopping, I sort of got used to websites that don't even list my country but it still ANNOYS ME GREATLY! Aren't they in this to make money? So they just don't want my kind of money???

  2. I would say RIT dyes are probably not the way you want to go anyway. You should probably check out i-dyes. Apparently they are very good, easy to use & sold by businesses who supply to people who do this for a living. For example: Dharma Trading (US based) ships to switzerland and G&S dyes in Canada both ship internationally. Good luck! Sue