Tuesday 9 August 2022

Easy Burda cotton dress 2B, Issue 3, 2022,

 Well, this was really meant as a quickie test dress to see if I like this version of the loose ruffly summer trend of 2022. It has the vibes of a Fibre Mood pattern but being Burda, it holds back just a notch on the fullness in the sleeves, the silhouette, and the ruffle variation. I want to be on trend, but not feel I'm wearing a little girl's doll dress—

which is what I'm seeing in some of the French indie patterns so popular this summer. I saw a fair amount of 'buffet dresses' during our Italian holiday. Too much ruffle, too froufrou, and too voluminous for someone my age.

I cut the neckline in size 40, tapering to a 42 in the bust and a 45 for my hips. I got 3 meters of this 100% cotton from Coupons de St Pierre for only 10 Euros and it's still on sale here: the cotton I used and I ran it up in a day and a half, counting the tracing, adding seam margins, and cutting out. I made a self-belt and inserted pockets, too, to elevate it a bit from Burda Easy's minimal design. I opted for the longest ruffle of the three Easy options.

In the end, I'm very happy with the result as a fresh casual dress, today worn on the hop to a neighbour's small lunch on her delightful enclosed veranda offering a fresh mountain breeze.

 If the season were longer—though who knows if this hot weather will ever abate!—I might make one like the Broderie Anglaise shown above.

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  1. Oh it's lovely and nicer than the Burda one even.