Monday 14 February 2011

Burda trousers 108B August 2010 issue

This is yet another (third?) attempt at the Burda fit in trousers, the endless search for a skinny rather than a slim. I used a mustard stretch cotton which worked well, although I would have preferred a more neutral khaki had it been available.

I think the pocket flaps in the back are a bit superfluous and when I remake these in white for summer, I'll stick with just the side pockets, which are very useful, as featured as 108B in the August, 2010 Burda. I did these in a size 38 waist, 42-43 hip and again, opted for a 2 cm. seam margin in case I had to let them out. Instead, they had to be taken in again and again at the thighs hoping for a skinny fit. I'm still getting the sous-derriere droop for some reason. As usual, I lengthened them 8cm and eliminated the zips at the bottom but ended up with quite a hem because Burda assumed we're all wearing towering wedges as styled in the mag.

I'm thinking they're going to be a useful spring item under my safari jackets....just time for the Guardian to tell me that spring/summer 2011 is the season for wide leg pants. Lord, I did those in the 70's...are we back there again already? Wedgies? Floppy hats? Peasant blouses? I'm going to pull out an old YSL pattern and see if I can get back into the wide leg mood, but I was just getting the hang of these slims with flats...Sigh.

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  1. I agree. Burda and pants rarely go together well. My only success so far are the pants from 2/10 issue. Good luck and keep on trying.