Tuesday 2 October 2012

Adjusting the Burda peplum dress waistline (August model 113)

The August Burda version
Some of you may remember that Burda's Lanvin-look-alike caught my eye weeks ago, but some indefinable niggle held me back. Finally, I realized after looking at it for far too long that I was bothered by the mismatch of waist and belt line on the cover model. The belt fell too obviously well below her raised waist seam, in effect ruining the drape of the front peplum piece.
 I think its looks dumb.
Now it turns out I'm not alone.
The Lanvin Original

The original waistline is too high to add a belt.
I've been cruising the great Russian Burda site, admiring what those eastern babes do with Burda and stumbled across a lady who solved the problem with the fine results here. She could win a Knock-off contest, hands-down. And if I read (actually I can't! I'm trusting Google's translation,) the secret to getting that peppy peplum, she borrowed the bodice of No. 133 in the same issue and got on with the rest of No. 113, using the long-sleeved version.

The "Russian" solution

So far, I've cut out all these pieces and am looking for fabric, but I think it's worth a muslin as the sleeve and neckline seams vary considerably. Normally, I hate muslins. I publish this photo with a major apology: as I don't read Russian, I've lost her name and the original post and if any Russian Burdists out there can help me give her credit, please comment soonest!


  1. Thanks for sharing the Lanvin original and the skilled Russian seamstress version -they're inspirational! The pattern piece swap looks like a clever solution if you want to be able to wear a belt with it. Having said that, I also really like the lack of belt on the Lanvin photo; I like that uninterrupted curve from underarm to peplum.

  2. You wouldn't mess with the Lanvin model! What colour do you have in mind for this one? Loving the teals.

  3. lindos

  4. Found her! http://www.burdastyle.ru/foto/v-temu-baskamanii

    Agree with you the sloping waistline doesn't quite work with a belt. I think you'd have to commit to a belt-less modern styling, or straighten the waist and transfer the back bodice length to the peplum.

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