Monday 24 December 2012

Between Aug, 2011 and Jan 2013, nothing changed?

Funny to watch how some designs kind of "melt down" from the designer version to the bare basics for beginning sewists: The fashionistas all made this Donna Karan knit dress, with its lovely fitted three-piece back, right off the bat, when it appeared some years ago:
  Burda made it a one-day project by eliminating the three-piece back half.

And Burda now says, you can get something like that cowlneck dress in ONE HOUR by sewing this version and adding a belt to pull it in.



  1. No way! I foolishly tried that one and it's just a hunk of fabric loosely draped around the body.. not very charming when you're curved and not straight. An added belt just enhanced the potato sack feel. I'll opt for the first one any time!

    1. Thanks for warning us off number three. If I was tempted, you've saved my bacon, Soda!

  2. It's funny; they look so similar and yet I've made the second one three times and love it, but the 1250 isn't getting much wear at all. I've not tried the third one; I'd make another of the second instead!

  3. Wow. Seams are a curvy gal's friends. So, I doubt I'll be trying #2 and #3. Astute observation!