Sunday 28 July 2013

Embroidery inspirations from the Game of Thrones television series

Some of you may remember my memorial post to the great French house of embroidery on the death of the founder. M. Lesage, as well as my monogrammed Christmas-gift pillowcases for my daughter. So you know I'm a sucker for gold initials and delicate flowers, etc.

Reading the publishing blog, The Passive Voice, I was referred to BuzzFeed to read about book cover design, (we're discussing the book covers for my historical novels set in Late Rome now) and from there to an amazing post about the embroidery work by Michele Carragher on the Games of Thrones costumes, and thence to the embroiderer's own webpages.

And you thought I'd never get to the point, here...

If you like embroidery, as I do from time to time, and even if you don't care to do it yourself, feast your eyes on this marvelous craftswoman's work;


and look at how she does it, here:

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  1. What a wonderful series of articles! I, too, am a big fan of embroidery. It was my first sewing encounter and is the foundation of all of my garment finishing techniques.
    Thank you for bringing the GoT costumes to my attention. I am such a fan of the show and now will focus more of the fine details of the characters' costumes.