Friday 17 January 2014

SEWING MOVIES! While waiting for the sewing mogo to return: Karl Lagerfeld's new movie The Return about Coco Chanel

Well, a blog entitled Chanel No.6 ought to line up for this one, n'est-ce pas? This little preview features Geraldine Chaplin talking about playing Chanel for Karl Lagerfeld's new movie, "THE RETURN." I have the impression she's not even close to catching the cigarette-husky tones of The Original, but unfortunately, she has captured that gaunt ferocious look that Chanel had in her later years. Let's hope the movie is good.

Because it seems to be a season of such 'hommage' movies and the one about Yves St. Laurent just released here in Switzerland is...oh...dear. Here's the preview for diehards. And this is why you don't have the government subsiding the survival of your film industry, copines.

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