Tuesday 20 October 2015

Tracing coats, but can't find fabric!

I wonder if there is a fabric market more frustrating than that of Switzerland. The customs people make it impossible for you to import from online suppliers with their ridiculous tax markups collected by the postman on your doorstep, while the local fabric store, count 'em! one!, within reach keeps stocking nothing that I want.

Navy coating in wool? Black/white boucle?
Forget it.

So I've traced two long coats from the October and November Burdas and am still hunting for the right fabrics.

Meanwhile, here is December Burda, thanks to the Russians. Their usual 'sage' Christmas dresses for family lunch, and one nice duffel coat. But as I said, looking for the right coating around here is not encouraging as it is!

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  1. Do they allow you to get gifts from over seas? Maybe a kind friend would send you fabric for your birthday.