Thursday 24 September 2015

Burda November 2015, technical drawing preview, any thoughts?

I keep promising that come evening, I will  trace the oversized man's coat in the October Burda for a nubbly tweed version  but then I get tired, I haven't done enough writing to reward myself with a relaxing sewing task, I think, 'tomorrow,' and already that blasted Russian Burda site has popped up with the November designs. Gawd, I can't keep up! I haven't even shown you the one-sleeved black ponte knit sheath I wore last summer to my violinist kid's performances at the Verbier Festival. Woohoo, that was a high!
Here you go, below. Any thoughts? At first glance, I'm finding the November items a little dowdy. Persuade me.  I'm missing something, I'm sure.
And they're getting too much mileage, I fear, out of a few designs this month. One pair of appalling trousers. One coat four ways? The same one-shouldered sheath we had a couple of summers ago. Some 'party frock' out of 1952. And I've done a nice black cape already… so… I will do that October boyfriend coat…soon.


  1. I think there is at least 4 items I can immediately see at a glance that are repeats of probably not only one time before. For example model 118 is a dress I made last year from 2013 but the hemline is now in line with the arc of the side. I like the pants button feature but a lot of it is same same but different. It's such a drag tracing :(

  2. There's a few possibilities which is a vast improvement on the first 6 months of the year for me so I call it a win! The trousers look great, those front and back seams are great for fitting. I agree some of those dresses look very familiar though.

  3. Agreed that this issue looks a little thinner than I'd anticipated - but I LOVE coat 116,, very simple and elegant and "now." I'm also digging the jacket variations. This year of Burdastyle has been stellar as far as I'm concerned. I have a massive backlog of patterns I want to sew (but haven't got around to, due to Parent Craziness).