Saturday 15 June 2019

Burda summery flounced blouse 03/2019 #111

This is not an exciting addition to my wardrobe, but turned out well enough. I've been trying to keep my fabric choices to variations of blue that work with navy or white bottoms for summer. (Not that we've had any summer so far in Switzerland.)
The pattern interested me because of its unusual design, even though it required tracing and cutting out the front pieces separately.
I ordered this baby-blue viscose with a fine silver stripe running through it online from a swatch. It's almost too soft to make the most of the gatherings in the sleeves and front. On fabric this thin, it might do to add more fabric inches to the pieces' width to enhance the ruffling effect.
Now that I've bothered tracing it, I might try again in a fabric with slightly more body. It's a very easy project and I cut it 42-45, so the bottom has a nice, rather ethereal floating effect.


  1. It is a lovely style. The details add interest and your fabric choice make it versatile.


  2. I've worn it a few times, Katherine H, and I must say the fabric is too flimsy to make any impression with the gathering details. If I make it again, I'll find a cotton mix with more body and also lengthen the flounce pieces for sleeve and hem for a little more fullness. Thanks for commenting!