Friday 3 June 2011

July Burda preview. I thought we were starting June, but...

Now some of you might have thought I disappeared down the same rabbit hole as the Selfish Seamstress and Bugglegum for Breakfast, two bloggers I heartily miss. No, I've been commuting all these months to a re-adaptation centre where my husband is recovering from three spinal operations. A long story, and nothing to do with sewing. The latest Burda has caught my mood, exactly:

 Burda has gone into mourning, as you can see. At least, that's all I can conclude with their July preview of black, black and as Henry Ford said about the Model T car, "Any color, as long as it's black." I suppose we should have seen this hot-weather-black coming in the Italian issue some months back which featured a lot of black cotton Dolce Vita numbers.

I've been sewing in my little free time, and I'll be posting a lace tunic from the bridal issue and one of the dropped-waist numbers Burda are so into these days next. I'll be wearing them over the weekend of my first-born's university graduation ceremony in the UK, which sadly, I have to attend alone. Dad can't fly, and we're all feeling sad, but that's life.

In the meantime, I'm also reissuing three Asian thriller mysteries this summer, The Handover Mysteries,  in paperback and e-book. (The second volume was published by Carroll & Graf in New York some years ago.) For reasons that are complicated, they're coming out in reverse order, so watch this space. . .

Happy Summer, Everybody!


  1. I suspect that like Laura Lo, another of my favorite disappeared bloggers, there might be a baby involved? It's happened three times to me, but whatever her reason, I miss her, too!

  2. Glad you're back, and very best wishes to you and your husband for a speedy recovery.

    I like those black dresses. There's something about that last one that really appeals. June Burda was slightly disappointing so roll on July!