Friday 22 July 2011

Trust a Parisian with the name of a heroine

Now Carlotta Stermaria (which is a very glamorous name, btw) in Paris kindly located the original of Miu Miu's poodle pants off, which were copied in the Burda August edition coming up. Will this trigger a queue of wannabe poodlers at the newstands?

With heartfelt thanks to Carlotta for hunting down this reference, I have to say sorry, MM, all the shiny belting in the world hasn't sold me yet on this bizarre silhouette. I can't quite make out the bodice decorations, but they might be medals for fashion bravery?


  1. I'm glad it was of any help (my pseudonym is Carlotta Stermaria, not Stermarian, though)! But the biggest mystery is : did they sell any of those trousers????

  2. I can see stick insect teenagers going for it. A bit chav though.