Sunday 31 July 2011

PoodlePants Fan Club

AnniinBC may become our winner! She says she loved it when:

 the Glamourai, (click there) whom I admire enormously, wore the Poodle Pants on her blog last September, and there is  a veritable crush of people, a whole tribe, commenting over there that they desire, nay, crave a pair. I guess it's our sewist community duty to alert the Poodlers that they can have a pair now, but then Glamourai's crowd may also know that what looked good to them last September may seem a tad stale now. To Burda's credit, they at least gave us the option sooner than the staid Big 4 who are lovestuck on dresses, dresses, dresses.

So I keep my promise and if you, AnniinBC of Misty Isle sewing blog, make a pair of poodle pants, you win a free copy of my comic novel A Visit From Voltaire. Quite appropriate because Voltaire was, as well as being an incredibly funny guy, a real clotheshorse.


  1. I have to say, I think they kind of work on the Glamourai but they don't on Burda's model. If you look carefully, the Glamourai's pair are more structured and sticky-out. Perhaps that makes the difference? That and styling them in a tougher way.

    I still can't find that picture of Nigella Lawson in a similar pair - goodness knows what Google is going to make of that search history!

  2. Yes, Cyber, but then a bin bag would work on the Glamourai, I suspect. I notice that there is a pronounced banding around the top circumference of the Glamourai's flounce.

  3. yes, I think Glamourai's pair looks more Lady Gaga-ish