Monday 11 July 2011

Burda's August looks offer Travel Cape. Handbag, officer? What handbag?

Can't say I'm bowled over by the August Burda preview, but I like the post-Balmain echo of the ruffled blouse under a military jacket with tight jeans, above. Both the blouse and jacket are in this issue, I think.

Then I have an observation which I hope will be of use to those of us flying cheapo airlines around Europe. Have you noticed that Luton Airport and others don't even let you carry a handbag on board, in addition to your carryon? Cruel and unusual punishment for would-be terrorist ladies in their later years fumbling like near-sighted bats at security to stuff their handbags into their carryon's at the very last gate.

YES, I have a solution! Wear a raincoat or this cape with its very capacious pockets, for your camera, mobile, tickets, hairbrush, makeup bag, and everything else you would have put into that handbag. And you sail through security, essentially having disguised your handbag as a garment! For this, Burda has given us the perfect throw cape. Notice the two pockets. I bet they could store even an Ipad.


  1. I did notice that when I flew recently!! And, wow, the pockets on that cape could definately fit an ipad, maybe even a laptop!!!

  2. You could smuggle a small village in that cape........both in the pockets and in the oversized cape.....

  3. Ingenious idea!