Tuesday 4 March 2014

Leave No Scrap Unturned, Burda 116, April 2009 ($0.00 jacket) and other scrappy photos, tonight episode three of Great British Sewing Bee!

I know I've referred more than once now to the patchwork duvet cover which is going to have a twin, if I can figure out how to do a contrasting column down the middle of each. These are all genuine scraps from pyjamas, skirts, kimonos, shirts, and even men's underwear (washed.)

Meanwhile just to show how obsessed I can be with leaving no scrap of fabric unused, here is a jacket I made from old chinos in two shades of khaki rescued from husband and boys' wastebaskets using Burda 116 from the April 09 issue.

You will recall my awe at the piping working done on the last episode of the Great British Sewing Bee. Well, this jacket was my somewhat failed (no-cost) experiment in practicing piping. All I had on hand was rather nasty, shiny seam binding, but today I pulled it out to wear, as it seemed the perfect jacket in which to wait for an extremely unreliable electrician who finally turned up. I wanted to look a little more polished as a work-at-home type than my usual sweater and jeans. The lining is a crazy mix of leftover lining fabrics as well. The buttons were snitched from the trousers which is why I'm one button short.

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  1. Wow, that's an excellent use of scraps. Great jacket !