Tuesday 17 February 2015

Burda does Kenzo Spring 2015

Were you wondering about this oddball white pique blouse in the February edition of Burda
with the slanting peplum line? I stumbled across its Kenzo origins quite by accident, (see below in cotton and denim.) Instead of offering two flounces like Kenzo's original, Burda simply lengthened one. But the idea is the same. This prompts me to suggest that Burda do more of this, by showing us their model but also, the inspiration from the runway. (One reason I'm a fan of their style trend features doing just that.)


  1. This shirt had caught out my eye and is on my spring sewing list. Thanks for documenting its origin.

  2. Good find, I always suspect some of the more "out there" patterns are directly inspired by the runway. It would still look lousy on me, Kenzo or not, but it's interesting to find the source.

  3. Nothing looks lousy on you, Allison!