Wednesday 25 February 2015

Zebra Fur Burda Easy Skirt FW 2014 and why I should give a f...inger about 'age appropriate'

The other night I was dining with some friends on the staid side, (all of us on the wrong side of 60.) One of the guests described her son's girlfriend as 'blowsy, blonde and wearing some leopard print thing.'
There was an awkward pause at the table as everyone realized I was blonde and wearing a leopard print sweater. I actually got a flustered email of apology from the guest the next day who realized she could have been misunderstood. But she wasn't misunderstood. I know that in the world of Talbot/Land'sEnd good taste, no one my age wears a leopard print sweater...or a leather jacket...or half the other things I love to wear.

These are the same people who probably hate my crocodile leather skirt, which I just tightened and shortened for good measure. I love this lady, but I don't care what she thinks of blowsy blondes in leopard print.

Which brings me to my next defiant act—to sew up the zebra fur skirt in the last Burda Easy mag, even though
1. I'm too old,
2. I'm sure it's going to be deemed in garish taste in certain quarters,
3. It's almost too late in the season to be embarking on a fur project.

TOUGH! Here goes! (I'll be adding a lining, eliminating the lower zippers and lowering the hem to just above the knee (by 13 cm.)  Otherwise, no drastic changes so far.


  1. Ok, I may be biased, but who cares? I really love the way you dress and I don't find it age inappropriate in any way. I'm afraid this age appropriateness thing is a bit of bullshit to me anyway. It looks good on you, it suits you, it fits your personality, then why not wear it? Personally I think that both a leather jacket and an animal print skirt or top should be on the classical 10 things you should have in your wardrobe list. That skirt is beautiful and I bet it will look great on you so please sew it!

  2. I read an article recently about how "age" is becoming this very amorphous concept - and they illustrated the article with a great (staged) photo of this Carmen Dell'oriefice-esque, 80-something model, in a short black dress, getting a tattoo. I love the idea that some of the social implications of age maybe starting to blur. You should wear what you want, what makes you happy, and what makes "you" feel most authentically "you."

  3. Good for you. I don't get age appropriate either.

  4. Go for it! I think age appropriateness if for ladies who've gave up but can't bear others still having fun. I just watched Advanced Style (the docu movie) the other day and was so inspired by the ladies and their vibrant styles. Granted none were showing much skin & a few probably would have made it into someone or others' worst dress list. But their zest for life expressed visually is infectious. I also heard & love the idea that European ladies have no problem showing off their skin on beaches, unlike Anglos & Americans. If anything I think it's the embarrassment that make clothing look off. Quiet confidence offends no one except those who have none themselves. As for brashness it can be grating at any age. It really isn't an age issue.

  5. There is gotta be some fun after 60 so go for it! Far more interesting than the uniform of capri's with a big t-shirt!

  6. I'm pretty sure that Land's End sells an animal printed cardigan. ;-)

  7. Argh I get so annoyed by "age appropriate" rules! I think ageism is the next big battle - let's lead by example, wearing what we want regardless of our ages!