Sunday 27 February 2011

Burda gored skirt going sharky.

I don't think Allison C has had this problem with her marvelous pin-striped Burda skirt with the back gore, but I'm having problems with my black cotton version of (see post below.) I'd enlarged the sizing, because I'm not using a stretch fabric but the fabric seems to have so much body it's producing a gore shaped like a shark's fin.
No photos yet, it's way too scary. Stay out of the water.

Bookwise, cheery news that after so many years, has decided to stock A Visit From Voltaire as of March 1. Copies used to be sent over the pond from Who waits that long for books these days? And out of the blue, distributor Orion has added me to their Orion Authors twitter list. Now if only my husband could rise from his bed of pain, things might relax a tad...even the sharky fin!

1 comment:

  1. I'm getting nervous about finishing my skirt - someone said on my blog it might look like a big bullseye on my backside and now I have a shark fin to worry about too!