Sunday 13 February 2011

No scrap unturned...quilting

Here is some of my quilting, which is how I use up scraps. I have a rule that I never, never purchase fabric for quilting, the whole point being to make use of discarded clothes that aren't good enough for the Swiss version of Goodwill, or sewing remnants. I dislike quilting compared to dressmaking because it takes so long for a project to be finished and I don't actually need more such items, but I can't bear to waste piles of cloth. That means my creations are less than museum-worthy and feature a lot of men's shirting, jeans, old blouse or dress fabrics and bleached out kitchen tablecloths. Perhaps some of you make toys or potholders or something more useful and less time-consuming?
I don't actually like the traditional quilt stitched down through padding to make a blanket or bed cover, but use my quilted results as duvet covers or bottom sheets.
Anyway, I like to try out new quilt patterns by making small pillows for bed as above, or stool, below.
Here are two examples, the first a Japanese pattern from Susan Briscoe's book on Japanese quilt blocks, and the other an lattice-work pattern found in many books.

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