Saturday 5 February 2011

I had no idea I was so ahead of the curve

According to the Guardian newspaper fashion gurus, we're going to be looking at dropped waists, a lot of beaded hems, long knotted pearls, and a rectangular silhouette in 2011 because of the influence of the television series new to the UK if not the US, Boardwalk Empire.  (Thanks, Steph!)So long, Mad Men.

This means that my retro vintage Vogue "Adele" in the cut velvet with the dropped waist tied overlay and possible beaded tassles will be very fashion forward, if I could only get the silk dyed in time.

I finally dyed the Thai silks' cut velvet this morning, and you know how sometimes you think your life is going to be complicated, so you procrastinate? I nervously bought dye sachets of navy, royal blue and dark grey, only to find out that one sachet of royal gives me a gorgeous blue. I'm into blue, thanks to the success of the ruffled satin blouse the other night. Please nobody remind me that this is "Our Lady's" colour, or they'll send me back to Catholic school days. I prefer to think of this as a true Renaissance colour. I leave the New Yorkers to their eternal black.
In case you find my dyeing completely boring, you can gaze across our front yard for a glimpse over the fog covering Geneva and the lake of Leman at the Alps. In this photo, Mont Blanc, Europe's highest mountain, sits dead centre. It looks a little low to the ground because our farmhouse is already at 1300 metres.


  1. Great view, lovely fabric.....and I am is most definitely...
    "Our Lady of The Sea".
    Speaking from memory and experience....

  2. mmm, I like blue a lot and when I want something blue (blue blouse, blue skirt, etc.)I have to make it because depending on what's in fashion at the moment, many times I can't find it at all. I think the dress is going to look lovely.

  3. i like to dye, too.. Your velvet looks amazing!

    Hasn't Boardwalk Empire been out for a little while? I'm sure someone was trying to get me to watch it ages ago.... Anyway I should go there...

  4. Steph, I think its just arriving in the UK, so they're behind the curve!

  5. That is the view from your garden!? You lucky, lucky woman! The blue is beautiful by the way. Boardwalk Empire certainly hasn't reached Australia yet, but I'm happy to see I'm not alone in being a non UK based, Guardian site aficionado. Hope they never start charging us to use it. I'm a little bit hooked.